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Support Committee


The Support Committee of the 337 Queen's York Rangers provides essential assistance to the Corps in a number of areas including organizing tagging and other fundraising activities, coordinating canteen refreshments on parade nights, assisting with the sale of combat gear, organizing food on weekend activities, and much more.  The committee is comprised of cadet parents past and present, and new members are always welcome!

If you would like to help, we'd love to hear from you - simply complete this form. 

Support Committee By-Laws

You can join the Support Committee and be a regular contributor, or you can just volunteer on occasion when you have spare time - let your comfort level be your guide!  Come see us... you can find us at the Support Committee tables at each parade night, just drop by. 

Miss Toni-Ann Campbell

Support Committee Chair

Mr Jimmy Lee



Laly Kuzzmann

Miss Susana Lee

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