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Summer Camp Information

Summer training is available to cadets, and is made up of courses ranging in length from a few days up to 6 weeks. Courses may be virtual, in-person or virtual, with focuses on leadership, drill and ceremonial, fitness and sports, marksmanship, music, and expedition training. There are no fees or charges to attend summer training, like the rest of the Cadet Program. Cadets will be provided with food, board and transportation. 


Cadet Activity Program (CAP) courses for more junior 337 Queen's York Rangers Cadets are primarily held locally. More advanced programs will be held at Cadet Training Centres (CTCs) throughout Canada. 


Applications for summer courses are done in February, and selections start being given out April. Most cadets who apply are selected for summer courses, but due to limited availability, not all cadets may be selected. Cadets are selected on the basis of attendance, cadet level, previous courses, and training performance. 

List of Summer Courses

Many summer courses are available to cadets. Cadets can only attend one course each summer. All the courses, and their requirements, are outlined in below. To be eligible for a summer course, new cadets must join the cadet program prior to 31 January of that year. As a general guide, courses are based on the Star Level completed as of June of that year:

CAP-1 is a 4-day, daily drop-off, activity program designed for 12–13-year-olds. It is intended to build confidence and facilitate meeting other cadets through participation as a member of a peer-lead team in fun, safe, challenging, and well-organized activities.


26-29 Aug 2023 (Serial B)

Application Process

  • APPLICATION DEADLINE for Staff Cadet, Exchange, Para: 10 Feb 2023 to Capt D. Ferris via REMIND

  • APPLICATION DEADLINE for all other camps: 7 Mar 2023 to Capt D. Ferris via REMIND

  • Applications will be placed into priority ranking as per the CO’s direction.

  • Offers will be sent to the Fortress system on 30 April 23.

  • Offers will be sent to cadets via REMIND (be sure your account name in REMIND is the Cadet's name).

  • Offers must be sent back ASAP either accepted or rejected.

Please download the required information / application from the links below. Please note the documents' legal size. 

Summer Camp Joining Instructions
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