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Summer training is available to cadets, and is made up of courses ranging in length from 2 to 6 weeks. Individual courses focus on drill and ceremonial, fitness and sports, marksmanship, music, and expedition training. Courses for 337 Queen's York rangers cadets are primarily held at two Cadet Training Centres (CTCs): Blackdown CTC (at CFB Borden, near Barrie), and Connaught CTC (at Connaught Ranges, near Ottawa). Applications for summer courses are done in February, and selections start being given out April. Most cadets who apply are selected for summer courses, but due to limited availability, not all cadets may be selected. Cadets are selected on the basis of attendance, cadet level, previous courses, and training performance.

Summer Courses

Many summer courses are available to cadets. All the courses, and their requirements are outlined in the document below. To be eligible for a summer course, new cadets must join the cadet program prior to 31 January. As a general guide, cadets normally follow the below progression:


  • General Training Course (5 days) - 1st-year cadets who are aged 12 to 13 during the summer. Dates for 2020 are:

    • Serial C: 20-24 July (travel day on 19 July)


  • Basic Courses (3 weeks) - 2nd and 3rd-year cadets. Dates for 2020 are:

    • Serial B: 27 July- 14 Aug (travel day on 26 July)​

Options include:

  • Basic Drill and Ceremonial: This course provides cadets an opportunity to build on drill learned at the corps, participate in advanced drill and ceremonial activities, and to develop leadership skills and knowledge; while performing the role of a team leader. The cadets participate in activities such as: commanding a squad on parade, drill with arms, flag drill, and marksmanship training. 

  • Basic Fitness and Sports: The aim of this course is to provide cadets with the fundamentals of fitness and recreational sports training, building upon what has been experienced at the Corps. This aim will be accomplished through the development of skills and the provision of ample opportunity for practical application. The course will promote the development of ethical sports conduct, sportsmanship and teamwork. 

  • Basic Expedition: This course provides cadets with the fundamentals of expedition training. Cadets participate in activities in a dynamic learning environment. Cadets will be exposed to aspects of a multi-day long expedition. 

  • Basic Marksman: This course provides cadets an opportunity to develop their skills in a safe and practical manner. This course promotes the development of marksmanship competition, sportsmanship and teamwork. Cadets will be exposed to a variety or air rifle marksmanship opportunities to inspire them to pursue further Marksmanship courses. 

  • Military Band - Basic Musician: This course provides cadets the opportunity to participate in music training and military band activities. Cadets will maintain a primary instrument, learn music theory, and execute drill as a member of a band while performing ensemble music.  

  • Pipe Band - Basic Musician: Similar to Military Band, this course provides cadets the opportunity to participate in music training and band activities. Cadets will maintain a primary instrument, learn music theory, and execute drill as a member of a band while performing ensemble music. Instruments include bagpipes and various drums. 


  • Instructor Courses (6 weeks) - 3rd and 4th-year cadets. Projected dates are July 6 - August 14. 


  • Advanced Courses, Staff Cadets, and Exchanges (3 to 7 weeks) - 4th-year cadets and up. 

Please download the required information / application from the links below:



Summer Camp Pamphlet                        Summer Camp Application Form                         Advance Camp Application



Staff Cadet Application                              CRCSO for Pre PARA                                         Summer Camp Dates 2020

CF Basic Parachutist Course

Army cadets have the opportunity to attend the Canadian Armed Forces Basic Parachutist Course and earn their "wings." Cadets are selected for this highly competitive course based on their achievements in the program and their physical fitness. There is a minimum fitness requirement all candidates must achieve.

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