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337 Queen's York Rangers Alumni Network.


This website was created after an overwhelmingly positive response was received from past cadets and staff to register their interest in forming an Alumni. The objectives of the Alumni are to:  


  •      Facilitate contact among former cadets and staff

  •      Share information and news on current 337 Royal Canadian Army Cadet events

  •      Provide former cadets and staff with a worthwhile opportunity to contribute to an organisation they value, and  

  •      Help raise funds to assist extra 337 RCACC cadet activities.


Background.  In 2010 the 337 RCACC Alumni Council, formed an Alumni Working Group to gauge the level of interest in forming an Alumni. There was a very strong response from past members of the Army Cadet community and the 337 RCACC Alumni Council established an Alumni group as a first step.


The hub of the Network is a Facebook database that support administration and operation of Alumni activities. The  Council Inc is the organisation that underpins the Alumni and controls the site.  A number of Alumni volunteers assist with  the operation of the Alumni including an Alumni Director, Network Co-ordinator,  Administrator.



What would you like to do now?  


  • Join the 337 Cadets Alumni Network

  • Find out more about the Alumni

  • Read past Newsletters 

  • Submit photos 

  • Submit stories

  • Make contact with past army cadet members 



Our Vision Statement

We envision a thriving 337 Cadets supported by a diverse, inclusive and representative group of alumni who have a strong association with the Cadet Corps and with fellow alumni from across the years.


Our Mission Statement

To support 337 Cadets and to help present and future alumni develop and sustain meaningful, lifelong connections to 337 Cadets, to each other and to the broader 337 Cadets community.


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337 Army Cadets Alumni

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