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How does someone join Cadets?

337 Queen's York Rangers Cadets accepts new cadets each year between September and March.  Please contact us by email at, call 437-229-9456, or visit us in person on Tuesday Nights from 6:30-9:00pm.

How old must I be to join 337 Queen's York Rangers Cadets?

You are eligible to join a cadet corps if you have reached your 12th birthday but not your 19th. Cadets who are older than 13 may be eligible to be accelerated through the training program.


What are the requirements of membership?

All potential cadets must be of good character, interested in the program and prepared to attend parades regularly. You must be Canadian Citizen or landed immigrant and in good health. Permission of your parent or guardian is also required.


How often do 337 Queen's York Rangers Cadets train?

You will parade with 337 Queen's York Rangers Cadets every week.  Cadets also participate in occasional day trips and overnight weekend training.


Are there any extra curricular activities?

In addition to regular training, 337 Queen's York Rangers Cadets will be offering a Drill Team, Military Band, Rifle Team,  and Biathlon Team. We also participate in weekend activities, community events and competitions.


If I join cadets, will I be joining the Canadian Forces?


No. The Cadet program is a civilian youth organization with ties to the Canadian Forces, but Cadets have no obligation to pursue a career in the military.


Will I have to pay dues?


There are NO COSTS to join and participate in the Army Cadet Program, cadets must participate in Cadet Corps fundraising activities such as Tag Days in the spring and fall, special parades, and more.  Some optional activities (i.e., year-ends trips) will cost the cadet a subsidised nominal fee.  Those that do not participate in fund raising will be required to pay the unsubsidised full cost of the activities if they are selected to participate.


Must I buy my own uniform?

No. Complete uniforms are loaned to cadets by the Canadian Forces. You are, of course, expected to keep the uniform looking clean and neat.


Do Cadets receive pay?

Generally, cadets do not receive pay, however, cadets will receive a weekly training bonus when attending summer training. Cadets who pursue Staff Cadet opportunities receive pay based on rank.


Who instructs the Cadets?

Cadets are instructed by officers of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) – a component of the Canadian Forces who are specially trained to instruct and supervise youth – alongside senior Cadets who have completed the Proficiency Level Program.  Also, Civilian Volunteers such as ex-Service members, school teachers, former Cadets and others willing to contribute their time are active in the Cadet program.


Can Cadets obtain summer employment?

Yes. For Senior Cadets who are properly qualified, the summer camps and special courses offer worthwhile summer employment opportunities – a chance to “earn while you learn”.

Frequently Asked Questions

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