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Summer Camp Joining Instructions

An information session will be held prior to the end of the training year once we have confirmation for all cadets and parents attending summer camps. The information session for Summer 2020 was held: Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 1930hrs. Here was the presentation from this year: 

Cadets going to camp for the first time will be attending the 5-day Familiarization Course, unless they are 14 years of age, then they can attend one of the 3-week courses. Ensure you read the course requirements at the bottom of each course, as described in the course pamphlet. The star level refers to the level attained as of the end of the current training year. 


Cadets are to arrive in C3E uniform (tunic, uniform pants, belt, beret, ribbons and parade boots). If you do not have PT gear you will be issued them at camp. 

All Cadets MUST be in possession of a VALID heath card which will not expire during their time at camp. If you have applied for a new one the paperwork provided will be sufficient. Don't forget your transportation form and your signed code of conduct. 

If for any reason your Cadet is unable to attend camp, please notify us (through REMIND) immediately so that we can ensure the spot goes to a Cadet who is on the waiting list. 

CADETS MUST BRING everything as listed on the Kit List (contained within the Joining Instructions, below). 


PT Gear at CSTC


27.       As part of the renewal efforts related to cadet clothing, the issuing of PT Gear (grey t-shirts, grey shorts, and running shoes) was suspended earlier this year. Although a study will be carried out to identify suitable replacement for these items, this will not be in place for the CSTC season. As per the direction issued by DCdts & JCR, all cadets are required to bring a minimum of two pairs of athletic-style shorts and one pair of running shoes with them to allow them to safely participate in CSTC training this summer. For those who previously received them, CCO-issued grey shorts and running shoes are still authorized for wear this summer. Cadets will still be issued one elemental t-shirt (black, green, or blue) at the CSTC.



337 Camp Checklist and Important Information

Common Joining Instructions - All Cadets

Annex A - Blackdown

Annex E - Connaught

Joining Instructions - Staff Cadets

Cadet Measles Immunization Requirements and Information for Cadet Training Centres (All parents must read

Joining Instructions - Adult Staff

Summer Camp Departure Location

All departures and bus pick up's will be from Area Support Unit (ASU Toronto), also known as Denison Armoury, at 2 Yukon Ln, Toronto, (Allen Rd and Sheppard Ave W) rear parking lot.


Times and Dates of departure are provided about 1 week prior to departure. This information is passed down from the regional level and cadet corps pass this information along when received. 






Duty Officer:


705-424-1200 Ext. 1322 (Secondary) 





Administration Officers, dial 705-424-1200 and the extension indicated:


Ext 2978 - Alpha Company (Drill & Ceremonial Instructor)

Ext 2981 - Bravo Squadron (Survival Instructor)

Ext 1863 - Charlie Company (Expedition Instructor)

Ext 2980 - Delta Squadron (Basic Drill & Ceremonial - Air)

Ext 2980 - Echo Company (Basic Drill & Ceremonial - Army)

Ext 2974 - Foxtrot Company (Basic Fitness & Sports)

Ext 2985 - Golf Squadron (Fitness & Sports Instructor)

Ext 2983 - Hotel Company (General Training)

Ext 2975 - India Company (General Training)

Ext 2984 - Juliet Company (Military Band)

Ext 2976 - Kilo Company (Pipes & Drums)

Ext 2982 - Lima Squadron (Basic Survival)

Ext 1398 - Mike Company (Basic Expedition)


Mail – Headquarters: Commanding Officer

Blackdown Cadet Summer Training Centre

PO Box 1000 Station Main

Borden, ON  L0M 1C0


Mail – Cadet

Cadet: [Cadet First and Last Name]

[Cadet's Company/Squadron, Platoon/Flight]

Blackdown Cadet Summer Training Centre

PO Box 1000 Station Main

Borden, ON  L0M 1C0



Twitter: @BlackdownCadets








Orderly Room (Mon – Sat: 0730-1700hrs): 613-991-4294

Operations (24/7): 613-998-9068

Fax: 613-998-9154




Mail – Headquarters:

Connaught Cadet Training Centre

1 Lewis Gun Road

Nepean, ON K2K 2W6


Mail – Cadet

Cadet: [Cadet First and Last Name]

[Cadet's Company, Platoon]

Connaught Cadet Training Centre

1 Lewis Gun Road

Nepean, ON K2K 2W6


Twitter: @ConnaughtCadets


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